The Pegaso Car Repair, previously called Errico & C. Car Repair, was born in 1976 a few steps from historical center of Prato.


With the passing of the years it has become a stronger reality, more and more renowned for its reliability, professionalism and its honesty. Always at the forefront of the periodic technical updates to wich mechanics submits themselves; infact, our staff are held regularly informed on the latest news of the automotive world.


The Pegaso Car Repair, despite being a small company, is among the most active in the area due to customer satisfaction and the quality of the service provided.



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  • The headquarters The headquarters We are in Via Torelli, 33 in Prato. You can easily calculate the route on the Contact page
  • Cleaning and attention to detail Cleaning and attention to detail Reliability and efficiency first! But you will also find a cozy and homely place
  • Interior The interior The Pegaso Car Repair has a large space with two bridges and the equipment needed to guarantee high quality of service
  • Moving with the times Moving with the times Here is a mural created by Sner in the main hall
  • The equipment The equipment An overview of the work benches and tools to work of the best brands in the industry
  • Work in progress Work in progress Never hands in hands! Our mechanics working around the clock five days a week to ensure a safe and regular car.
  • Vintage Cars Vintage cars We repair and renovate even vintage cars!
  • Interior The interior The main hall from another point of view
  • The second hall The second hall On the back there is a second room used to put the cars that needs more manpower
  • The Team The Team Sequentially, our team is composed from: Silvia Laffi, Riccardo Ceccatelli and Arturo Milazzo